Financial Diary

Events calender of important financial dates.

19th every month

  • Payment due for PAYE and NIC

31st January

  • Deadline for filing tax return and 1st payment on account of Self Assessment

1st February

  • 1st penalty of £100, if the tax return was not filed by 31 January.

28 February

  • 1st surcharge applied at a rate of 5% to the outstanding tax.


  • Budget speech of Chancellor.

5th/6th April

  • Arrival of Tax Return or notice to complete a Tax Return Forms.

19th April

  • Deadline for payment of  PAYE/NIC for IR35 companies

19th May

  • Submitting date for P14 and P35 Forms.


  • Implementation date for March Budget.

31st May

  • Last date for P60 Forms to employees

6th July

  • Deadline for submission of forms P11d, P11d(b) and P9D

19th July

  • Class 1A NIC payment is due (22 July for larger employers paying electronically).

31st July

  • 2nd payment due on account for Self Assessment.

1st August

  • Deadline to pay outstanding Self Assessment tax and class 4 NIC  for 2019/2020 to avoid a second 5% penalty.

19th or 22nd August

  • 5% Penalty applies to 2019/2020 class 1A NIC if not paid by 19 August for Payments by cheque, and 22 August for electronic payments.

31st August

  • Deadline to notify clients of the need to disclose any offshore tax irregularities.
  • Returns for accounting periods ended 31st August 2020 should reach HMRC.
  • Private companies with 30th November 2020 year-ends and public companies with 28th Febuary 2020 year-ends should file thier accounts at Companies House.

30th September

  • Company Returns for accounting periods ended 30th September 2020 should reach HMRC.
  • Private companies with 31st December year-ends and public companies with 31st March 2020 year-ends should file their accounts at Companies House.
  • Deadline for Businesses registered in the UK that incurred EU VAT during 2020 to submit claims under the European VAT reclaim scheme.

5th October

  • Last date for individuals not already registered for Self Assessment (SA) to notify HMRC of chargeability to income tax or Capital Gains Tax (CGT) for 2019/2020. Complete form CWF1 for the self-employed or form SA401 for partners. This requirement also applies to trustees and any other persons potentially within ITSA.

6th October

  • Deadline for pension administrators to give a pension savings statement to scheme members if their pension input in the scheme in 2019/20 exceeds the annual allowance.

16th October

  • Deadline for US expatriates to file 2020 US federal tax returns if they have obtained a filing extension. If 2020 returns have not been filed by this date, the Internal Revenue Service may accpet a written request for a further two months to 15th Decemeber 2020.

19th or 22nd October

  • Deadline to pay tax and class 1B NICs due under PAYE settlement agreements for 2019/20 (19th October if paid by cheque or 22nd October if paid electronically). Successive 5% penalties apply if the payment is 30 days, six months and one year late.

31st October

  • Deadline for submission of paper tax returns.

30th December

  • Deadline for submission of self-assessment tax returns over the internet where you wish for your balancing payment (below £2,000) to be collected through your 2019/20 PAYE code.