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Accounting for Landlords


At Aaron Associates, we are a customer-focussed firm of accountants and tax consultants, specialising in property accounting and bookkeeping, and in particular residential property landlords. Our years of experience in dealing with landlords enable us to provide you with the best possible, reliable and trustworthy services.

We understand that there is considerable difficulty for landlords to account for incomes and expenses due to various ways of accounting involved. Landlords are required to report their rental income to HMRC, even in case of loss on such a property. Even if the landlord holds a single or 2 properties or even hundreds of properties, he has to declare the income of such a property to the HMRC. This declaration is to be filed by way of a return, which is deemed difficult by landlord. There is also a considerable ignorance about taxable allowance which are beneficial to the landlords on such income.

Our dedicated team of professionals help to find the best possible solution for you. We work as partner for the landlords and take up their regulatory worries relating to taxation. Property accounting involves systematic accounting for the property, planning the taxation and regulatory issues.

We help the clients by way of accounting for their incomes and expenditure in a systematic way, so the correct profit or loss on such property can be found out. We help the clients to claim the allowable expenses, thereby maximising the income in the tax returns and minimising the tax liability. We help completion and filling of reports alongwith dealing with the HMRC queries and investigation.

We take a keen interest in the business of the landlord to understand their situation, so they are best left to do his job of concentrating on wealth and property management. Our success is built upon experience, technology and people with vision. We guarantee a professional, friendly and efficient service.

We provide the following services:

  • Free initial visit to the landlords
  • Free Initial consultation and advice
  • Consulting on structure and form of business
  • Dealing with the other sources of income
  • Consulting on Zero Capital gains Tax and Zero Income Tax
  • Preparation of annual accounts
  • Completing and finishing the tax returns
  • Dealing with the HMRC queries and investigation
  • Consulting on tax planning through income and expenditure items
  • Consulting on wealth management
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Company Compliances services
  • Strategic and Business planning
  • Management Accounts