Every business is faced with challenges, ranging from the strategic to the financial to the technological. We offer a range of services to assist our clients, by identifying and managing risks, and considering different methods to improve business performance.

The services we offer are:



We can help clients build integrated management information and reporting systems, whether for individual company management reporting, or group reporting purposes.

A good management information system is essential for the smooth running and profitability of any business.

We can also assist our clients in other vital management tools including budgeting, forecasting, cash-flows and stock control.

We have been advising businesses of all sizes in a wide range of sectors, this experience enables Aaron Associates to support you and your business in the following areas:

  • Strategic and business planning (including Forensic Accounting, Valuation Services, Share Option Schemes, etc.)
  • Financial management.
  • Budgetary control systems.


Buying or Investing in an Existing Business

We can evaluate and analyse a business to provide our client with fundamental insights into its current operations, health and future prospects.

Aaron Associates can also provide a full service for clients wishing to buy an existing business, including facilitation in negotiation.


Selling a Business

We can assist in selling of a business in order to maximise the proceeds and minimise any tax liabilities.


Corporate finance

Whether your business is new or mature, ensuring that you have the necessary finance is essential for achieving your objectives. Yet businesses find it hard to raise finance; the major banks are still the main source of money.

Aaron Associates can help you to:

  • Conduct a feasibility study of your projects.
  • Decide on the most suitable sources of finance - personal capital, bank overdraft, long-term commercial loans and mortgages, national and regional agencies and much more.
  • Prepare the necessary business plan, forecasts, prospectuses, etc.
  • Present your proposals to your chosen finance source.