18th May 2020: How to request a review of entitlement – SEISS 80% grant

18th May 2020: How to request a review of entitlement – 80% Grant

18 May: Following the launch of the Self-employment Income Support Scheme (SEISS) the guidance on how taxpayers request a review of grant entitlement.

Taxpayers may wish to request a review of their entitlement to an SEISS grant because:

  • HMRC’s eligibility checker says they are not eligible and they wish to dispute their SEISS eligibility status, or
  • they disagree with the amount of the grant calculated by HMRC and wish to dispute the SEISS award amount. The taxpayer can only claim the amount of grant calculated by HMRC; there is no option in the application process to claim a higher or lower amount.

A taxpayer can ask for a review of SEISS eligibility status via the eligibility checker. If the checker gives a not eligible result there is an option to compete an online form to request a review of eligibility.

A taxpayer or their agent can request a review of the SEISS award amount using an online form.

HMRC’s guidance should be checked before requesting a review.